Help for MIDI Explorer Search Engine

This is a search tool specifically designed for finding and organizing MIDI files and sites on the Web. All data was collected by MIDI Explorer in his exploits of the MIDI Universe. File names and link names (anchor text) were retrieved along with file lengths. File lengths are used for find different MIDIs that may have the same name. The search will match all names BEGINNING WITH the letters that you enter. It is very useful for finding titles that have been shortened by the provider (still a common practice).

Your may search by any one of four methods.  The default is Group by Name, where results are organized into groups having the same name. The Group by Length will sort results by file length - this quickly shows different versions of the same song. To just view all results, select Show All. On each results page you can re-search using a different method. 

A unique search finds all files having a specified file length - Length (bytes). This can help you identify a MIDI file that you already have (be sure to enter to exact file length - in MS Windows this can be found by examining the 'properties' of the file).

Tips on 'Organize by' Searches